Intro 2 NIME

Instruments for the disabled


Making Instruments

  • Steps for instrument makers!
    • choose sensors: pressure, light, speed, distance, conductivity, touch(playtronica)
    • read in sensor signals: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone(Bela)
    • map signals to sound parameters: amplitude, pitch
    • design timbre: Pure Data, SuperCollider, Max/MSP

Why Piano Rocks?

because its analog acoustics can’t be completely modeled and reconstructed with digital tools
notion image
  • What makes a piano piano?
    • keyboard, keys → hammer(below) → hit strings → dampers(above) stop sound
    • one key → 3 hammers?
      • bass ( low pitch, long string, low frequency)
      • treble (high pitch, short string, high frequency)
      • complex sound by: resonance from soundboard, strings, sustain pedal(stop dampers)
    • timbre: material, piano frame shape, height of keyboard, depth of keys, hammer size, diameter and tension of strings
    • dynamics: forte, mezzo, piano
  • What does tuners do?
    • adjust keys and strings → so that each key matches to pitch name
    • adjust hammers hardness and elasticity → remove noise, emphasize tonic, balance timbre
  • audio engineering detour
    • notion image

Gatech Guthman Musical Instrument Competition