Embodied Machine Listening in Audio-Visual Navigation @MARL Lab

Embodied Machine Listening in Audio-Visual Navigation @MARL Lab

Jul 21, 2022 04:44 PM
Last updated December 9, 2022
Music/Audio Technology
Nov 23, 2022 Work in progress supervised and mentored by Aurora Cramer, Professor Magdalena Fuentes, and Professor Juan Bello.

Proof of Concepts

  • Pushing the ability of an audio encoder to the edge, we examined the representations learned in convolutional neural network architectures through two stages of transfer learning: one in audio-visual scene correspondence and audio-visual navigation; another in various downstream tasks to holistically evaluate the generalizability of learned audio representations.
  • In audio visual correspondence pre-training, we adopted the contrastive learning method on egocentric videos with stereo audio.
  • In semantic audio-visual navigation fine-tuning, the acoustic, directional, and semantic features of the binaural sound are learned through a reinforcement learning approach with actions, reward, and memory.
    • Semantic audio-visual navigation in SoundSpaces
      Semantic audio-visual navigation in SoundSpaces
Up-upstream: contrastive audio visual correspondence
Upstream: embodied semantic audio-visual navigation
Downstream: sound source localization in HEAR benchmarks
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Codes in Progress

marlUpdated Nov 4, 2022
marlUpdated Sep 27, 2022
auroracramerUpdated Jul 27, 2022


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